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GRIEF CARE GROUPS - Thursdays Each Month

Do you remember the relief you felt when you told a good friend something on your heart?  That is what sharing does for you at a grief care group.  If you've experienced the death of a loved one, come join us.  grief takes time and talking about it helps.  Our groups help you access the tools many find helpful as well as a place to share each of our journeys in a safe space.  give us a try.  Listening by itself helps and sharing is voluntary. Check out a group near you.  Groups are provided at no cost by Heart to Heart Hospice and are facilitated by Rev: Linda White, B.C.C., Bereavement Coordinator at Heart to Heart Hospice.

Linda is a board certified chaplain with the Association of Professional Chaplains with 14 years of experience working with loss.  She has personally experienced the death of both parents as well as mentors and friends.  As group facilitator, she will listen, accept you where you are and affirm your experience of grief.


3-4 PM at The Vantage                                                                                          6301 Overton  Ridge Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76132,  (817) 292-5600


1-2 PM at Heart to Heart Hospice                                                                           5608 Malvey, Ste: 301, Fort Worth, TX 76107,  (817) 731-9700

For more information contact Linda White, Bereavement Coordinator at (817-731-9700 or by email at